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Transform and energize your creative skills and vision at DesignMashup 2020, a 10-day experiential Italian design workshop for architects, designers and makers.

DesignMashup will explore the unique richness of Italian design that has wound its way through Italy over centuries and continues to influence Italian design to this day.

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AIA Registered American Architects Can Earn up to 31 AIA Continuing Education Elective Learning Units*

The DesignMashup team is excited to announce that our program has qualified for 27 AIA Continuing Education Elective Learning Units. This program is created in tandem with the non-profit Civita Institute.  

Click Here for More Information about AIA Certification

Join us for DesignMashup in Italy, a 10-day immersive 2-part workshop for architects, designers and makers.



Discover Milan

Explore Milan’s vibrant creative energy with visits to its essential and edgy design museums, art and design galleries, historic and evolving design districts, concept stores, design showrooms, and view Milan’s historic and iconic modern architecture.

May 5-7, 2020*


Civita Workshop

The next leg of your design adventure awaits in Civita di Bagnoregio – one of Italy’s most beautiful hill towns. This transition from modern Milan to Civita is a striking contrast and an insight into the inner workings of the Italian design system guiding your creative work at the workshop.

May 7-13, 2020*

Workshop Goals

Discover your personal design poetics through this immersive, hands-on design workshop that is a mashup of old and new Italian design thinking, materials and techniques. 

Create your unique mashup prototype during this personally guided creative design workshop. 





The Civita Institute

Design Mashup 2020 workshops are held at the Civita Institute, a renowned American non-profit founded in 1981 to promote and inspire design excellence through cultural exchange.  The Institute is committed to protecting the fragile physical, social, and cultural foundations of Italian hill towns.


Your 3-Day Milan Discovery



Evening Aperitivo

Plan to arrive in Milan during the day on Sunday, May 03. That evening you’ll join the creative team at their studio on the historic Naviglio Grande for aperitivo and a welcome talk by Cecilia Fabiani who will share her insider’s view of Milan’s modern design scene.


Group Introductions

During our evening aperitivo you’ll meet the creative team who will introduce the DesignMashup workshop goals. We ask that each participant introduce themselves to share a bit about their experience and workshop expectations.

Receive Your Packet

All pre-paid entrance tickets to museums, transit passes for the Milan metro, train tickets to Civita di Bagnoregio, maps, necessary transit information and schedules will be provided to you during this evening event. (Please refer to the schedule below for further details.)

3-Day Milan Discovery

Your next three days are devoted to discovering Milan. You’ll experience its vibrant modern design scene, its world-class architecture and enjoy guided visits to a curated mix of its most important museums, galleries and design showrooms.



The 7-Day Civita Workshop



Private Tour of Civita

Travel by train from Milan to Civita for a 7-day Workshop DesignMashup. Settle in to your accommodation before your afternoon tour. Anthropologist Cinzia Rocchi, whose family lived in this Etruscan hill town for over 400 years, will lead our group on a private tour of Civita di Bagnoregio.


Workshop Immersion

Your next 7 days will include a mix of instruction, structured discussions, creative exploration, and hands-on activity as you design and build your DesignMashup project. Your team of design instructors will be on hand to provide personal guidance as your project develops.

Special Excursions

A special excursion is planned to provide a break from workshop activity. Sunday afternoon we’ll tour Orvieto, visit the historic cathedral and the small craft shops plus we will all enjoy a festive hosted group lunch or dinner. 

Last Day Celebration

On the final workshop day each participant will present their research, thinking and a simple prototype of their chosen DesignMashup concept. That evening we will celebrate and share our personal experiences, learning and achievements together.





Thomas Lehman and design journalist Cecilia Fabiani will lead participants in an introduction to the origins and lasting influences of Italian design. They’ll show how Italy’s iconic design expression continues to influence Italy’s vibrant design culture – – even into its ultra-modern architecture, product, fashion and furniture design scene today.

DesignMashup October 2019 Creative Team Bio’s




Thomas Lehman

is an American industrial and graphic designer focused on furniture and product design, retail concepts, brand and immersive new media. Thomas has held positions as a Retail and Furniture Designer at NBBJ, Seattle; Chief


Creative Officer at IconMedialab, Stockholm and Milan; Imagineer at EuroDisney, Paris; Design Director at John Ryan Intn’l, Madrid and London.

Since 2012, he has been a visiting professor of Strategy and Design in the 

Masters program at Domus Academy, Milan, and previously taught at Parsons, Paris. He holds a masters degree in industrial design and interaction design from Domus Academy, Milan.

Cecilia Fabiani  

Accomplished designer, journalist, and design critic,  Cecilia has  training in design topics ranging from ancient and traditional Italian design to Italy’s current design culture. 

She is a member of the design faculty of the Politecnico di Milano and holds a masters in design from the Domus Academy, Milan.

Catharina Lorenz & Steffen Kaz

German design duo, Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz, have been mashing up their native design ethos with Italian inspired design since the mid-1990s.

They will share insights as we examine how architecture, furniture design, industrial design, exterior and interior design, and brand can all benefit from a little infusion of Italian design. 


Cinzia Rocchi  

Visual Anthropologist and resident of Civita di Bagnoregio, Cinzia is a resident authority whose family has lived in this historic hill town for over 400 years. She has studied the effect of tourism on local cultures and the ways that architects, designers, civic and business leaders can work together to balance tourism with local culture.

DesignMashup 2019 Collaborators & Consultants


Tracy Downing

Partner at Ivy & Pine, design strategy and content expert Tracy is a key member of the team and managing all of the social media and registration in the USA.

Clark Pickett, AIA

Interior Design Director at NBBJ London, long-term Civita Institute Board Member and DesignMashup consultant and guru.

Stephen Day, AIA

Seattle based architect and Civita Institute board member.  Stephen in in charge of all educational and fellowship programs at the institute.


Amelia Valletta, MA Architecture

Design Educator and Research Consultant based in Milan, Italy. Amelia will guide us in our providing a best-in-class Italian experience.


DesignMashup Italy 2019, Costs, Participation Information, Scholarship Opportunity and Registration

Thanks for your interest in DesignMashup, 2020. The creative team has worked hard to develop a unique and exciting 10 days.


In order to provide the most comprehensive experience we have limited the number of participants to 12. To confirm your interest and secure a spot in the workshop, please fill out this form. You will not be charged until April 1, 2019.


Attention students and recent graduates:    

We are offering (2) DesignMashup scholarships. Please look over the information below to see if you qualify.

Someone from the DesignMashup creative team will be sending you an email to confirm your registration.

We are available every day via email at:

Your data is secure with us. We will not share or sell your data, ever.




Registration Form for DesignMashup 2020 in Italy | May 04-13

English Language Skills

Accommodation in Milan

Accommodation in Civita

12 + 6 =

Please review this useful information

Accommodation in Civita di Bagnoregio

Accommodation in shared guesthouse apartments on The Civita Institute grounds is included with your tuition for DesignMashup 2019. All shared apartments, Lo Studio, Il Nuovo and Il Ruderino, have a private bathroom (WC/shower) and are furnished with comfortable period furniture. Bed linens and towels are provided. You will also enjoy full access to the courtyard, garden, and terrace overlooking the extraordinary valley surrounding the hill town.

Private accommodation is available for an additional fee to those traveling as a couple or who prefer separate private accommodation. The number of private accommodations available is very limited and will be arranged on a first-come, first-served basis. Please enquire via email or phone if private accommodation is requested and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


The Civita Institute Houses

To preview the accommodations please click on this link to the Civita Institute website where you can find detailed information about all of the different apartments. 



There is additional limited accommodation in the village and if you seek something special please note that this is not included in the workshop fee.

Meals in Civita di Bagnoregio

Each day in Civita begins at 08:30 with an included breakfast of fresh cornetti, cheese, muesli, juices, coffee and tea. Lunch is open for your choice in Civita and not included unless noted. On certain evenings (as noted in your schedule) we provide meals. They generally consist of salads, a main course and a dessert, accompanied by wine and water. Our planned communal meals will not only satisfy your nutritional needs but also provide a great opportunity to share. When the weather permits we will dine in the garden in front of La Sala Grande. Indoor dining is available for times of inclement weather.

Your DesignMashup packing list

You will need working clothes, solid shoes, a warm pullover and maybe a raincoat. The climate of Milan and Civita di Banoregio in October is typical early fall weather and may be chilly at night. Do not forget to bring your personal first-aid kit, which should include your choice of OTC pain reliever, your prescription medication, spray/lotion for insect bites, gastrointestinal remedies and allergy medication.

Please be aware that the nearest pharmacy is in the village of Banoregio and can only be reached by foot.

Don’t forget to bring some Euros in cash for extra drinks, items you wish to buy at shops, etc.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the creative team via email:


Analog Lab

Design Strategy, Furniture & Product Design

Studios in Milan, Italy

& Seattle, USA


Vetrano Visuals

Excerpts from the video “Walking in Milan”

Thank you


The Civita Institute

Seattle, WA USA

Civita di Bagnoregio,        

(VT) Italia