“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a part of DesignMashup 2019. It was a great concept that brought together people with diverse design disciplines from around the world to explore new ideas and share experiences and thoughts.”

Alan J., Experience Designer, India


DesignMashup 2020 is offering two exciting workshops: Fusion in April for 7 days or Vision in October for 10-days. Both are an immersive Italian design experience and workshop for artists, architects & designers.

Participants create, experiment & rejuvenate their creative energy as they are immersed in Italy’s design culture and discover their own, personal design poetics during this creation-provoking Italian design workshop series.

DesignMashup | 2020: choose between 2 distinct workshops led by renowned designers, artists and provocateurs. Our core focus is to help you achieve achieve a transformation in your creative thinking, art and design work.

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*Register before January 31, 2020, and receive a special discount. Registration is easy but space is limited to 12 participants for these transformative workshops.

DesignMashup | 2020 Fusion | April 28 to May 04 a 1-week creative workshop in April where participants focus on creating something ephemeral and digital while immersed in Italian culture in the ancient village of Civita di Bagnoregio

DesignMashup | 2020 Vision | October 26 to November 01 a 10-day design workshop in October where participants are steeped in 2,000 years of Italian design thinking and embark on a quest to contribute a physical creation to Civita’s ongoing cultural experience.

Hear from Past DesignMashup Participants

“I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a part of DesignMashup ’19. It was a great concept that brought together people with diverse design disciplines from around the world to explore new ideas and share experiences and thoughts.”

Alan J., Experience Designer, India

“It was a really great experience and I feel really lucky to be part of it. I really liked the idea of having 3 days in Milan and the workshop in Civita afterwards, a perfect contrast to Milan and a real mashup.”

   Lale T,, Designer, Scholarship Winner, Turkey

Past DesignMashup Participants

Current DesignMashup Professors

Thomas Lehman

Fusion & Vision 2020 Tutor

Designer, Professor & Founder of DesignMashup

Thomas is an American industrial and graphic designer focused on furniture and product design, retail concepts, brand and immersive new media. Thomas

has held positions as a Retail andFurniture Designer at NBBJ, Seattle; Chief Creative Officer at IconMedialab, Stockholm and Milan; Imagineer at EuroDisney,  

Paris; Design Director at John Ryan Intn’l, Madrid and London. Since 2012, he has been a visiting professor of Strategy and Design in the Masters program at Domus Academy, Milan,

and previously taught at Parsons, Paris. He holds a masters degree in industrial design and interaction design from Domus Academy, Milan.

Samuel Stubblefield & Joshua Borsman

Fusion 2020 Tutors

Designers, Artists and Technologists

Founders OPEN Studio, LLC, USA


Known for a highly collaborative, anti-disciplinary approach, Samuel Stubblefield and Joshua Borsman merge unusual materials and situations such as plants, boats, computer vision, earthquakes, the   

internet, jellyfish, real-time data from nature,miles of bungee cord, mixed-reality technology, urban conditions, projected video, oceans, robotics, natural landscapes, and software algorithms. 

Their collaborative workshop uses fine art as a platform for pursuing widely valuable curiosities and related technologies. The work often facilitates a participatory exchange between modern society and broader nature.

“Much of this work is about finding the edge of our ability to perceive.  If we are successful, we suddenly have a relationship with phenomena that was previously inaccessible.”

Cecilia Fabiani  

Vision, 2019/2020 Tutor

Accomplished designer, journalist, and design critic,  Cecilia has  training in design topics ranging from ancient and traditional Italian design to Italy’s current design culture. 

She is a member of the design faculty of the Politecnico di Milano and holds a masters in design from the Domus Academy, Milan.

Catharina Lorenz & Steffen Kaz

Vision, 2019/2020 Tutors

German design duo, Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz, have been mashing up their native design ethos with Italian inspired design since the mid-1990s.

They will share insights as we examine how architecture, furniture design, industrial design, exterior and interior design, and brand can all benefit from a little infusion of Italian design. 


Cinzia Rocchi

Fusion & Vision, 2019/2020 Tutor 

Visual Anthropologist and resident of Civita di Bagnoregio, Cinzia is a resident authority whose family has lived in this historic hill town for over 400 years. She has studied the effect of tourism on local cultures and the ways that architects, designers, civic and business leaders can work together to balance tourism with local culture.

DesignMashup 2020 Key Collaborator

Tracy Downing

Partner at Ivy & Pine, design strategy and content expert Tracy is a key member of the team and managing all of the social media and registration in the USA.


Primary Consultants

Clark Pickett, AIA

Interior Design Director at NBBJ London, long-term Civita Institute Board Member and DesignMashup consultant and guru.

Stephen Day, AIA

Seattle based architect and Civita Institute board member.  Stephen in in charge of all educational and fellowship programs at the institute.


Amelia Valletta, MA Architecture

Design Educator and Research Consultant based in Milan, Italy. Amelia will guide us in our providing a best-in-class Italian experience.


AIA Registered American Architects Can Earn up to 27 AIA Continuing Education Elective Learning Units*

The DesignMashup team is excited to announce that our program has qualified for 27 AIA Continuing Education Elective Learning Units. This program is created in tandem with the non-profit Civita Institute.  

Click Here for More Information About AIA Certification


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